Week 6 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 36 :: she said ‘thank you mama. This was your idea and it was such a good one’. I’m glad she agreed. My soul needed a bit of forest today.

Day 37 :: Her face lite up when she found out they were going straight up the big hill and she gestured a huge ‘yes!!’. The littleless little napped for an hour in the fresh air, on me.

Day 38 :: the 5km run after the blitz cleaning felt like a second work out. I’m thankful I am no longer restricted by windshield factor.

Day 39 :: her three hour nap was blissful for both of us. There was a 20 degree difference in temperature between drop off and pick up at school.

Day 40 :: She played shop even though she was quite sick today. It’s so strong this need of hers to dress up and pretend and use her imagination. It’s a joy to witness.

Day 41 :: the library was closed when we got there. At least she got a longer nap. I so wanted to sit and knit.

Day 42 :: I burnt the last of our steel cut oats this morning. It was that sort day.


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