I’m so glad I’m here.

The first email that came from Erin for the 10-day family recharge included a video a mom made capturing her home and with the song ‘I’m so glad i’m here’ by Elizabeth Mitchell. She’s our go to music at home — the children’s music of the variety I don’t get tired of listening to. I’m so glad I’m here is the first track of one of her albums. It gets a lot of air time at home. There has been A LOT of dancing to this very song. A lot of signing. It’s a lovely reminder, I’m so glad I’m here. Because I am.

Even when the house is cluttered. even when it’s especially messy because my one year old is teething and very demanding and sleeping so much less which turns into mama-exhaustion. even when the kids play in the bathroom for hours on end and turn it upside down with all the toys on the counter instead of in the bath. even when pjs get taken off in the living room and forgotten on the living room floor while getting ready for school. Even when dishes don’t get done after dinner because I thought I would do them after my baby goes to bed (since I didn’t have a chance while she was still awake) and turns out that it took me hours to put her to sleep and I followed her minutes later. Or when the corner of the island in the kitchen that holds the family’s random crafting materials creeps up and starts taking over most of the island. Or when the laundry folding gets backlogged because we decided to hit the forest instead of the basket on sunday. Even when it seems like I spend all my days picking up, cooking, washing dishes or doing laundry. everyday.

even with that (and so much more) I’m so glad I’m here. I can’t imagine a better place to be.

Please Note ::

it is NOT for the faint of heart. In the interest of full disclosure, I had this podcast in mind when doing this. Hannah mentions that she thinks that bloggers have a responsibility to show different aspects of their life, not just the good. While I do not agree with her, I thought that it might be challenging to put myself out there this way.

it’s also NOT for those that have issues with out of focus photographs (which i do.)

it’s also NOT for those who will take issues (or even notice!) with me changing lenses after the first section. it bugs me. but this wasn’t supposed to be perfect.

I’m so glad I’m here. Starring (an exhausted) me. with special apperances by Juliette, Alfie and Zak.

love brought me here.


20 thoughts on “I’m so glad I’m here.

  1. Hi Annie!

    This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog and follow it but haven’t commented until today. Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful song and for sharing your experiences as a mom. This video really resonated with me.

  2. You have no idea how much I needed to see this and hear those words today my dear friend. You will hear more in the e-mail, but thank you for this. Thank you, thank you thank you.

  3. I LOVED this, Annie! I was having trouble getting it to play on my computer (I have a problem with videos from time to time…almost like I can’t keep Flash Player updated. Anyway…), but I finally got it to go. Your home is beautiful. With and without clutter. Hugs, Nicola
    ps. I was glad to watch this…a friend who has been following the 10 day recharge but not posting, commented to specifically about your video and how it helped.

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  5. I clicked over from Erin’s Re-charge– thank you so much for sharing this video! You’ve captured so many of our daily lives perfectly, and Elizabeth’s beautiful song really does remind us why we do it all again the next day. Lovely!

  6. Salut Annie, l’éternel recommencement… merci pour ce beau partage. tu sembles si zen!!!! Tout de même, on s’ennuirait dans un univers statique, vive nos marmottes! Elle grandit bien et joliment la petite Juliette. Bonne journée.4.x

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