Sewing — for Alexandre!

basic pocket pants
Alexandre has seriously been lacking in the mama-made department. It seems easier to sew for the girls… but I need to make an effort. a serious one at that. Elizabeth has a lovely (oh-so-lovely) handme down family which provides her with more clothes than she knows what to do with (more on this subject a different day) and Alexandre, not so much. I’ve come to realize that boys are much harder on their clothes in general (in general, because Alexandre is not that hard on his) and handme downs either include no pants or pants with holes! The second hand shops have fewer pants for boys his size as well it seems, most likely for the very same reason. My kids haven’t gone through growth spurts of the ‘many inches’ variety like some do — so their pants tend to fit A LONG time. All of a sudden though a few weeks ago I realized that a bunch of Alexandre’s pants went from ‘getting kind of short’ to ‘you can’t wear those anymore!’

basic pocket pants

basic pocket pants
and so Maman made pants, naturally. With material I bought especially to make him pants. almost 2 years ago. In my defence, I bought it thinking I would make him some thai fisherman’s pants and quickly realize that he couldn’t tie them back up and that was just not going to work!

basic pocket pants
I used Meg’s Basic Pocket Pants pattern from Growing up Sew Liberated. I love his new pair of pants — and most importantly HE LOVES them. He agreed to putting them on AND having photographs taken on the day they were completed. (this may or may not have been due to me saying ‘you can stand on the kitchen table!!’) this is quite big for Alexandre. He tends to take his time coming around to Mama-made items — which frankly is probably why he has less. Having said that, he talks of things I’ve made him lovingly. he talks of things I will make him… and best of all is those moments where he comes up to me, quietly and says ‘mama, do you think you could knit me a new hat?’. Yes, of course I can knit you a new hat…

basic pocket pants
he’s picked fabric in my stash for his next pair — a recycled project of an old pair of pants of mine. Lets hope I get them done sooner rather than later!


4 thoughts on “Sewing — for Alexandre!

    • I’m not a huge fan of frilly either. My daughters clothes are not Girly-girl clothes. I think I part because loads of fabric choices lend themselves more to girl clothes. I find it difficult to find great boy fabrics (even in stripes or plaids or whatever) and in part because the patterns and inspiration online seem to be mostly for girls… The same is true about the clothes shops — much easier to shop for a girl!!

  1. I love those pockets! And we all know children need pockets……..I just get lazy in my sewing. But this post as simple as it is, is giving me the sewing bug. Thanks for sharing!

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