A winter forest hike.

I signed up for Erin Goodman’s [10 day family re-charge] this week on a whim. I thought if I found a tiny bit of inspiration it would be worth it, right? Oh-so-worth it. Inspiration is everywhere and it’s lovely.

Winter Hike
Yesterday’s topic was getting outdoors. Just reading her email convinced me to pack up lunch and snack and head to the forest. Heading for a forest walk is on my wish list almost daily as its what recharges ME the most. But as life gets busy with three littles I haven’t been making it a priority.

Yesterday I did and I’m sooo happy. Adam was a little (ok a lot) reluctant. He wanted a quiet day at home and I can’t blame him — he took the kids out for 3+ hours on Saturday to skate and play. Still I forced him. I knew he’d enjoy himself and the kids deep in the forest. And I was right. The kids are in their element outside. Which typically means less fighting. Less whining. Less bickering. Less ‘MAMAMAMMAMANANAMANANANMA!!!!!’.

More peace. More quiet. Easier togetherness.

And I was right. We all had a lovely afternoon.

Fresh air.

Winter Hike
Top row :: before we left home
Middle row :: me and mine during our walk
Bottom row :: after walk

Winter Hike
Oh, and I did something I never do. I handed my camera to a stranger and said ‘could you take our photo?’ I never do this with my dSLR mostly because most people react in a ‘what do I do???’ sort of way (which makes sense) but this lady did not. And so we have a family photo as well.

And now…. Far more photographs than necessary. Happy Monday. We’re heading out today too — for ski lessons!

Winter Hike
Alexandre, happy that we found the shelter while hiking ‘off the beaten path’ which he loved. ‘mama, we’re REALLY hiking now!!’ (repeated over and over and over!)

Winter Hike
You can’t tell, but he’s running. full tilt. and he fell. and he didn’t care. that’s how much he loves being outside 🙂

Winter Hike
pulling their little sister.

Winter Hike
and what happens when they want to go sliding 🙂 Juliette did a bit of ‘sitting in the snow…. and sliding!” herself… and loved it.

Winter Hike
and some sliding in her sled too.

Winter Hike

Winter Hike
by the water spot they spend lots of time – usually with friends – in the spring, summer and fall.


3 thoughts on “A winter forest hike.

  1. Oh! BEAUTIFUL photos and post! I am SO glad you asked someone to take a family photo. I saw it and smiled before I read that you had done so atypically. The GETTING out is often a challenge. The BEING out rarely is. (I should write that quote down for myself….think I will, since I am not supposed to be on the computer right now! Ack!)
    We just have to remember, the whole adventure is what is important, not just the destination.
    Warmly, Nicola

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, and you have SNOW! Oh how we have been wishing we’d get some snow that is thick and piled up like yours. We have barely a dusting now, hard to believe it is western NY in February!

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