Week 5 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 29 :: I watched them running up and down stairs at the arena and forced myself to smile. It’s hard to have intense fears and being afraid of passing them on to your kids. She danced so much, she was thankful she had put a summer dress – in january – over her long sleeve shirt so she could change.

30 :: I finally took the time to get started on pants I promised him long ago. He reminded me, while I was cutting, that I also owe him a sweater. And that now he’d like two. One with a zipper and one without.

Day 31 :: he said ‘mama, for dinner tonight can we have salad?’ and just like that, at 8:36 am I knew my day would be easier.

Day 32 :: I was thankful that when I fell on a toy and spilled my tea everywhere I saved my new favorite mug. So what if I have a big bruise?

Day 33 :: I spent the little evening I had to myself wishing I hadn’t finished her hat because I was too tired to start something new. So I didn’t knit anything.

Day 34 :: we had a lovely long conversation on the way to swim while the other two slept. He surprised us all by going up another level. Same child who 4 months ago would refuse to go in the water, even with us. Amazing. On the way home we discussed our summer kayaking plans.

Day 35 :: found motivation and ran the first 7km on our new-to-us treadmill. Darkness and cold weather are no longer valid excuses. He took the kids skating this morning for hours. It was a lovely slow paced day.


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