Week 4 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 22 :: she had to miss the birthday party because she was sick. She had a lovely day with her papa and was much better upon our return. If only the same could be said about the littleless little.

Day 23 :: she asked me to braid her hair before bed so they could be wavy for school tomorrow. We talked about our day and of papa’s inability to braid hair.

Day 24 :: she said ‘mama, could we do art stuff when we get home? Like painting and such’. I so wanted to sit and paint with them. Dinner was the best we’ve had in ages, years maybe.

Day 25 :: He said he can’t wait to be six in October. And how funny it is that he’ll still feel five at first, even though he’s really six. And how he felt four when he was first five. I love his storytelling laughter.

Day 26 :: their ski conversations and lingo are reminding me that they know so much more about this than I do.

Day 27 :: today I was reminded of how amazing a stress relief knitting is. Must knit more. Even if it is mostly standing, at the kitchen counter.

Day 28 :: when the snow sticks to the trees and then keeps accumulating on said trees; that’s the precise moment I know with certainty, every year, that we live in the most beautiful corner of the earth.


3 thoughts on “Week 4 of 52 { 2012 }

  1. What a wonderful blog you have! I love the snippets from your life. I’ve been doing the photo a day project this year too and am so amazed with how much more I’m noticing and remembering. Cheers!

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