Week 3 of 52 { 2012 }

(a little late in sharing, because my computer is still having a photoshop strike. I’m working with the laptop + pc to view/resize/do stuff to my photographs — and it’s not ideal!)

Day 15 :: I thought of all the things I really needed to do to catch up from a week of being sick. And then I decided that’s what Mondays are for.

Day 16 :: they were so happy to have gone down the big hill today. I’m happy she proved me so wrong.

Day 17 :: I go round and round and always come back to the same conclusion. makes me realize I need to embrace it.

Day 18 :: she was so mad when I said she was too sick to go to school. I think she finally believed me after her two hour nap.

Day 19 :: I rocked her for hours this evening and thought that her smallness would soon be gone.

Day 20 :: It felt like she was so much older than her five years and a bit. They baked cupcakes for Juliette’s birthday celebration tomorrow.

Day 21 :: and just like that, surrounded by friends and family, she was one. One.


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