and then she was ONE.

[note :: these photographs were snapped with the iPod. Photoshop has stopped working on my computer — for me this is HUGE — and my geeky husband is trying to fix it. Crazy how often I use photoshop though — it’s driving me a little nuts right now.]

We celebrated Juliette’s first birthday on Saturday. I knew this year would feel fast, but it feels even faster, if possible. I have a hard time accounting for where it went… a very obvious reminded — in a screeming tone — to SLOW DOWN.

She was a happy little girl at her party. She’s always a happy little girl. She loves (oh-so-loves) people, just like her big sister. She also very much knows what she wants, just like her big brother. Overall though, she’s very much Juliette. Her unique little self is so fantastic to soak up. One is such a time of discoveries and change — and we’re all immersed into what she’s doing now and what she might be able to do next week. The kids adore their little sister. I heard Elizabeth refer to her as her baby sister the other day and I did a double take… because she almost exclusively refers to her as ‘her baby’.

For christmas Elizabeth & Alexandre each got a kit to decorate cupcakes and they wanted to decorate some for Juliette’s party. So we baked chocolate cupcakes… and I also made a pumpkin cheese cake (we had many guests to feed cake to!).

For lunch we had a soup party – three delicious soups (a mexican bean one that my mom made, a beef barley soup and a coconut chicken rice soup) and fresh bread…. We’ve made these twice (a modified version of a recipe I found on Pinterest) and both times they’ve been quite a hit. Because I have plenty on my plate, I wasn’t going to tackle bread — but 2 days before the party it occured to me that I couldn’t just go to the bakery like I had planned because of a severe nut allergy in one of our small guests — so I decided to make the bread instead! The soup party idea came from something I read from a friend in December and thought ‘that’s great — totally Juliette’s birthday lunch!’.

Happy Happy birthday Juliette!


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