A lazy Sunday…

is the best kind of Sunday. Wouldn’t you agree?

a few ipod photos!

Our day started with a lovely story by Elizabeth & Alexandre. Elizabeth as the story teller. Alexandre on props + music. He was operating a radio that doesn’t work — making the sound effects himself. Funniest was the times he got the wrong track! haha.

and then there was music…

and then there was art…

and then there was a family portrait drawn on the chalkboard by Elizabeth…

and then there was a cat so comfy on the laundry pile that I couldn’t possibly disturb him to actually do the laundry… (ok way far of a stretch, but that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!)

and then most impressive of all was the long while the kids played outside… it was COLD today!

there were other moments of laziness that didn’t get captured. It was finally a normal day — the first day in a week that I feel better. Lets hope that 2012 from this week-end on will be healthier. Or at least the next few weeks/months. I sound like a broken record!

I hope your week-end was lovely and/or lazy or busy & productive… which ever it is that you and your family needed this week-end!


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