Glipses of our christmas…

Here are random photographs of our christmas celebrations.

There was family. There were friends. There was a visit from Santa and a very rehersed ‘Petit Papa Noel’ by one five year old little girl. There was a children’s choir. There were Pierogi. There was magic. and lots of it. There were smiles. There was sharing. There was gift giving. Handmades given by children this year. There were hours of winter outdoor play. There was a snowman. It was a lovely success, despite the illnesses.Noel


A new tradition… a tree in their room.






Elizabeth sang in the children’s choir on Christmas Eve. A new tradition to be certain, she couldn’t wait to be old enough to be ‘up front with the others’. She had to sit bits out because she was fading fast — mama was thankful the service wasn’t a minute later than 5pm otherwise we probably would have had to skip it all together. Alexandre while fading even faster did muster the energy to play photographer.

oh, and perhaps most importantly… there were blessings, counted.


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