one word :: 2012

I’ve been thinking a lot about my one word for 2012. It’s a funny thing, picking one word a year — because they really reflect on how you want to live your life — in general. Not just ‘this year’ — because added up, they don’t amount to very many words. That means that together, they sort of string a picture of how you intend to live your life. or intended. best intention or not, to pick one word to represent three hundred and sixty six (or 365 depending 😉 ) days means you’re not switching words very often…

This year, I’ve decided to use the word LESS.

It’s been a struggle over the last few days — because I was trying to decide if I should use the word LESS or the word MORE. Is one the negative version of the other? Surely, I would not pick the negative. Surely, a negative word is not a good idea for a word to carry in your mind for a full year. But then it occured to me. If think that ‘less’ is the opposite of ‘more’ — then perhaps that’s my personal issue.

Less IS more. we all know that. I remind myself of this daily. yet I don’t really fully live by it. In many aspects, I'm very much a MORE sort of person. In some aspects, that's how it should be. There should always be room for MORE. But sometimes, life really does call for LESS.

Such as…

LESS time on the computer, more time with books.
LESS food in my plate, more healthy snacking.
LESS excuses, more doing.
LESS sitting, more running.
LESS distractions, more undivided attention for each of my children.
LESS toys, more creative play.
LESS indoor time, more forest time.
LESS new crafting material, more actual crafting.
LESS time thinking about my lack of photographs, more time picking up my cameras.
LESS sleep, more knitting. (ok, maybe not. i was just wanting to see if anybody was still reading 😉 )
LESS clutter in my home, more room to breathe.
LESS items on my to-do list, more quality projects achieved.

It's the last two items that really got me thinking. Especially the last one. In december, my to-do list got semi crazy — as it tends to do. I was either sick or tending to a sick little one and decided to throw the to-do list out the window. Instantly I felt happier. MUCH happier. It is woven in my being to try to do too much at once, often times resulting in nothing getting done. I've always been this way — and every so often, it culminates to a point of being frazzled. I can go for weeks with the incredible insurmountable feeling of ‘i have too much to do’. And then it occured to me. It’s entirely self created. My to do list is entirely MY OWN. Other than the essentials such as ‘feed and clothe your family’ there’s not much on there that is essential. So why is it that I end up feeling like I can’t manage my day to day? I am creating this beast and it takes on a life of it’s own. When I spent a month in New Zealand this year, I had parted with those feelings. I had nothing on my todo list — because I had one child with me and no stuff to tend to. It was so much better. Slowly, I managed to allow the ‘stuff’* to take more and more importance on this todo list of mine. and sure enough, the frazzled feelings slowly returned until they were in full force. I would say they were in full force for months…

and so I believe it’s very much time for LESS.

Now, I should remind myself to read this post, at least once a month.

* by stuff I mean physical stuff or ‘things i want to do’ which is not really stuff but creates clutter just like stuff at times.


5 thoughts on “one word :: 2012

  1. Oh, how I laughed at your “are you reading this still” line! In all seriousness, though, I could feel in my core what you meant about less, especially with those self-created to-do lists. I often find myself all angsty when I haven’t finished the items I’ve given myself to do. I also really liked your opening about the connotations of both “less” and “more.” May your 2012 bring your more beautiful less-ness.

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