happy happy new year!

It’s been a different sort of holiday this year… we woke up on Christmas Eve with two sick kiddos… which was promptly followed by two under-the-weather parents as well on christmas day — four out of five of us being not well… Our christmas plans ended up shifting; we were headed to a family dinner with many, including a visit from Santa Claus, and instead, we stayed home. I was still planning a semi-feast to celebrate christmas — my mom had given us a tourtière the week before and I thought that was a lovely idea of a low key christmas dinner… but the day progressed into feeling worse and worse – for most of us – and I knew that the tourtière would end up nibbled, at best. We opted insted for bagels. It was that sort of day. I was sad to miss my family dinner — Adam was sad for me, since he knows how much I love traditions — and our family gatherings… but honestly, while I was sad to miss out on cousins and aunts and uncles and my children’s face as they said ‘THANK YOU!’ to Santa for all the gifts they had recieved that morning… I was also happy with the simplicity that our Christmas day became.

Because of this though, I still have a small stack of christmas card (um, new years cards?) to drop in the mail to those that we did not end up wishing a merry merry christmas in person.

happy happy new year
I thought i’d share the card here — wishing you and yours – a happy happy new year. On our end, I pray daily that illnesses stay away. Other that Juliette’s hospital stay, they’ve been minor illnesses, but I was really hoping to kick of 2012 as a HEALTHY family. Instead, I woke up at 2:30am on Jan 1st – a mere 2 hours and thirty minutes into the new year to a fevered babe. I feel like I should be attempting something in order to restore health amongst our family of five — but i’m not sure what to try! I realize that these things ‘happen’ and that our children are at an age where they pick up and bring home a whole lot… but since October 12th — we’ve had maybe a day or two where everybody felt healthy. that’s a long time…. this mama needs to focus on things other than who’s sick with what!

so for 2012 — I wish you and I — and all our famillies — health!

I’m hoping to blog photographs from the holidays this week — including a few handmades that managed to get accomplished – though with sick kiddos or a sick mama — my long list of wishes did not get tackled. And that’s ok. I also hope to come back tomorrow with my ‘word for the year’ — though lasts year’s didn’t amount to much — other than a reminder throughout the year that I wasn’t really focusing on my word. But since I did think about it quite about through the year, it goes to show that setting one word for the year does give me something to think about and remember throughout the year!


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