{this moment}

I broke the pattern. I am sharing two photos. mostly because i’ve barely shared anything in the last few months and I want a record!

this moment
{I so wish you could hear this moment. We were running late for school. I was trying to rush them into the van. They had to go ‘break the ice in the puddles’ – even if I knew it was much too cold and they would never manage to break it. I never imagined how much fun they’d have gliding on the puddles though. they kept giggling that they were skating. They fell at least 20 times each, and with each fall more giggles would come. I ran in the house thinking ‘what’s a few extra minutes’ and grabbed the camera. I wish you could hear the giggles.}

this moment
a second moment. it was a week of a lot of these moments this week…

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