Thankful, let me count the ways…

On November 24th, a month before Christmas Eve (which also happened to be american thanksgiving which we celebrated with friends) we started counting our blessings – on paper. We started our ‘thankful chain’ and every night we add rings to our chain. And if somebody comes over for dinner, they add some too. The kids love asking ‘what was YOUR favorite thing of today? what are YOU thankful for?’. It’s a new tradition — in an attempt to keep us grounded at this chaotic time of the year. Even my husband who was sceptical of the whole thing when it first began is always quick to fill out his ring. Because really, if we can’t think of ‘one great thing that happened today’ surely, we’re doing something wrong.

Some rings contain big things… and many are made up of regular moments. it’s lovely. And in the minds of five year olds, some are quite repetitive. Alexandre’s very favorite includes ‘lighting the candles!!!’ It’s made it’s way on his ring quite a few times since he’s mastered the use of the lighter! Our chain now goes back and forth in our living room window and is making it’s way accross for a third time.

I found the idea on pinterest in this thankful chain just before american thanksgiving… and I thought that the kids were old enough this year to start participating in a ‘thankful’ project.

We started it like this but I quickly realized that that would never fit in our house for a month of daily adds – and so we went with the rings — which the kids love taping every night (though i’m having to switch to staples, it’s come undone twice yesterday! oops!)

I’ve also started keeping a ‘thank you’ journal in the format of thxthxthx — I love her thank you notes – and often will think of random ‘thank yous’ in her format because it’s fun — and so I thought ‘perhaps it’s time to start writting them down!’

Now… back to holiday preperations… while counting blessings and remembering to slow down. The slow down part has been easier this year because we’ve all had bad colds and so I have had no choice but to throw out my todo lists. Well, choice yes – but I didn’t want to arrive at christmas feeling burnt out, therefore I decided that my ‘must make for christmas’ list has now become my ‘january crafting list’ and that’s ok. As soon as I put my todo list aside, I became very excited for christmas — proof that I just had too much on the go.

So instead of having a massive todo today — We’re hitting the library in search of winter books! Because that’s way more important to five year olds than a whole lot of stuff that could have been on my ‘must do’ list of any sort!


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