ten things I love right now…

:: that Elizabeth was stunned that her cousin can already talk at 8 months because his mama sent the kids a postcard that said he wanted to say hi.

:: great friends. You know, the friends-that-are-more-like-family kind.

ten things
:: this new tool. Seriously the most amazing tool to ever be created. Ok, maybe not — but it’s surely a highlight for me right now. I went from HATING making binding to loving it!

:: watching my wonderful friend give a fantastic tribute to her grandfather at his funeral last week. He was very much a kidder, just like my own grandfathers were. I miss their laughter.

:: running. I’m back to running 5k and loving it. Though it’s proving way more difficult to get out with Adam back at work. Between me being sick, the kids each getting sick and rain-without-a-rain-cover-for-the-stroller my runs are stretched out further than I’d like.

:: the huge smile and the way Juliette lights up when Adam walks through the door in the afternoon.

ten things
:: That November is here. November, a month I usually find long and dreary — now I crave after the craziness that seems to be October.

ten things
:: this photo of me and my munchkins taken in September. Crazy + happy : that about sums it up 🙂

ten things
:: that we celebrated elizabeth and alexandre’s FIFTH birthday — how time flies. The concept of fast-moving-time is not one I’ll ever fully get used to. Precisely why I need to be way more in the moment. You blink and wake up to five year olds. Just like that.

:: that a woman stopped me on the street in Ottawa and asked me if ‘they were mine’. Yes I answered with a smile and she said ‘how blessed to have three children…’ yes, blessed indeed.


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