:: morning, noon & night

:: morning books. This is how 95% of our morning starts.

:: noon books. (at the library and in the van, Elizabeth was telling Juliette a story to keep her happy.)

:: [early to]night books. this is how 100% of our days end.

in between coughing fits from Alexandre, Elizabeth & myself today — we spent most of the day like this. in books. we also spent a long while playing quite lowkey outside and skyping my sister in New Zealand, from outside as well, since it was unseasonably warm. I haven’t taken the time to check the forecast in a long time — and so this gorgeous day was a total surprise!

and now… i’m going to snuggle on the sofa with a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea and the new cookbook I just picked up on hold for me at the library and pray that by tomorrow this cough no longer has fits! Dinner tonight came from this book. I opened the book – first recipe I saw I thought ‘this looks great – and I have everything on hand. done.’ and it was delicious!


2 thoughts on “:: morning, noon & night

  1. Uh oh, don’t tell Julien you got Fletcher, we had to return it not too long ago and he was sooooo upset. I told him someone else wanted to enjoy it, at least it was you guys!!

  2. That is how Hannah & I spent many happy hours. I was such a book hog that I often took out upwards of 50 books at a time! You will never regret encouraging your children to develop a habit of reading.

    Hope you all recover quickly. It was great to see you all on the weekend!

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