Today I celebrate.


Being alive. With laundry, cooking, cleaning, music, dancing with Juliette and soaking in her giggles, crafting which most likely includes paint, tea (hopefully hot), a visit to the museum with friends, more laundry, more cooking (possibly even desert), dishes with Elizabeth and emptying of dishwasher with Alexandre, and more cleaning. If I’m lucky, maybe with a little sewing and if not, surely some late(ish) night knitting and a very hot cup of tea, with Adam.

Basically, I celebrate with a completely typical day with my people. I think its a great way to celebrate the fact that I can. I might manage to sneak a run in there somewhere… Because I can. October 20th reminds me that I am alive. I am reminded to slow down, and appreciate the everyday that I do have. The amazing life that I am able to live. Blessed, seems like the very least I should feel today.

Today also marks my third anniversary of blogging here, in this space. [first blog post here] [first anniversary blogged here] [second anniversary blogged here] To everybody that reads, thank you. I hope to share more in the weeks & months to come — I’ve been busy with life and haven’t been documenting our day to day makings, which was a huge part of this blog’s purpose. I want to be able to look back, with my children, and see what we’ve done together or what I’ve done or what they’ve done. I love this space.

For you, October 20th is quite possibly a very random day. But why don’t you try celebrating, on a random day, just because YOU CAN? it’s lovely.

these photographs were taken at thanksgiving, deep in the forest, a forest that is of great importance to me… the forest I grew up knowing the most as a child with my family. One of my favorite places to be in this world. I have many favorites, but this one is high on that list.


4 thoughts on “Today I celebrate.

  1. Annie, thank you for directing me to read this. The everyday, even on a special day, is something to celebrate. I know you sent me here because I was feeling down about my birthday. Maybe I will have a mental birthday do-over. Hugs, happy belated anniversaries.

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