“whatever it was, it was good…”


Elizabeth + Alexandre used the sewing machine for the very first time yesterday… they each made a bib for Juliette. I drew a line around the bib so they could sew on the line — and it turned into ‘mama guiding the fabric and them controlling the pedal’ – but whatever it was, it was good. They loved it. They loved moving the needle and/or the foot when necessary and they love that they made something for their sister.

I love that this is only the beginning. I learned to sew as a child (though older than almost-five) and loved creating soo much. I hope they end up loving sewing – at the very least, I hope they love it enough to want to use it at some point whenever they feel like it. But… that will be in a while still! for now, they will keep loving the piles (and piles and piles and….. piles!) of fabric that their mama stashes. They LOVE sorting through it, playing store or dressup and yesterday, they loved picking the fabrics for their creation.

and here is Juliette, happy in the bib Alexandre made her!


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