A day spent talking about Polar Bears…

could have also be titled :: Art – from one end of the village to the other…

village art
Today, we wandered. Thursdays are difficult at home after two days of school tiredness in almost-five-year-old bodies, which I think might be magnified by the fact that there are TWO almost-five-year-old-bodies that are constantly together. So I try to find low key activity for us to enjoy so that the day can be as enjoyable as possible. Today, we took a walk with some of our favorite friends through the village, a common activity we do together. We strolled slowly from one end of the village to the other to enjoy a hot chocolate + snack break (and hot soup for me — trying to do away with this cold! hasn’t the universe understood that mamas are not to get sick?) I suggested we check out a friend’s dyeing studio (which will shortly be online, right Kathryn?)

oh, right. the polar bears. Our friends saw a BLACK bear this week at one of our favorite forest spots to visit together. And the conversation went from there to polar bear. Elizabeth held on to the subject very dearly — which means that we talked about it a whole lot.

village art

village art
When we walked in she said “here’s the wool you wanted! It’s still wet — you’ll just have to let it dry!” wow – that’s service. I asked Kathryn to dye a skein for me because I couldn’t find more of the yarn I got as a wonderful christmas gift from my sister in law last year. I knit up the abalone vest – finishing the yarn I had and most of the project while I was in labour. Since I ran out of yarn, I had thought of just unravelling it and knitting something else — but then though I kind of wanted that vest and since every piece has a story, it’s kind of a cool one that I knit a whole lot of this vest while litterally waiting for Juliette to arrive.

village art
The yarn she produced is stunning. I think just about everybody can dye yarn — but I really don’t think everybody can do such a great job of it. Kathryn is fabulous — she knows colour sooooo well being that she’s an artist — and so the yarn she colours is stunning! And the match is fabulous! I can’t wait to finish my vest — once the skein fully dries!

oh, yes, again – the polar bears. Elizabeth brought them up because we had just been talking about it. And so Kathryn told her that a friend of hers took a photo of some. and that her daugther loves them. The discussion continued.

village art
and then… we walked back to the van and decided to keep walking to the other end of the village and visit the pottery studio and pick out a gift for the wedding… um…. tomorrow. nothing like procrastination — though it was only in doing, since we knew this is what we’d get them.

and so that was our day. A lovely walk on a rainy day… no weather complaints and visits with friends all around. a wonderful afternoon! Just before coming in, we stopped in at Adam’s parents so that I could borrow a scarf/shawl I made for my mother in law 2 christmas ago to possibly wear to this same wedding…

oh – I was forgetting about the polar bears, again. Elizabeth couldn’t help but bring up the topic while visiting Maureen as well. Well, Maureen wins some sort of prize – because she took out a beautiful album of gorgeous photographs she’s taken… of you’ve guessed it… polar bears! The kids are still talking about Maureen being safe in a boat while looking at polar bears!

for my KCWC challenge… Today I traced patterns, but didn’t get to do the work I wanted to do. I will do the hours this week-end/early next week. I know that defeats the challenge — but I guess it was too much to take on with Adam just being back at work this week and then getting a cold on Tuesday. At least my next queued project is for Alexandre, and that’s already progress – so the challenge has helped regardless!

and yes, long after we got home we were still talking about polar bears!


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