When life hands you… (kcwc days 1+2)

KCWC :: Fall 2011
(too much) heat on a thanksgiving week-end in which you forgot to pack a skirt or shorts for your daughter because let’s face it — you normally don’t need them in OCTOBER… you can do what I did. I took six minutes (and stole fabric from my mother’s stash) to make her one before heading to the bush for thanksgiving dinner.

KCWC :: Fall 2011
bringing the pumpkins to the front door for decoration…

KCWC :: Fall 2011

This week, I’ll try to hem it (didn’t even take the time to do that on Sunday!) and maybe add a pocket. I was thinking of going for the freying look — but I think you have to cut your fabric on the bias to do that? not sure. I just know that this turned out to not be cute freying but ‘she’s loosing chunks of threads’ sort of freying. She liked the skirt just fine – she wore it the next day as well since it was still hot.

KCWC :: Fall 2011

KCWC :: Fall 2011
For the sewing challenge, I’ve also been working on Elizabeth’s dress (hem, by hand) and another project — that I’ll be able to share on Saturday. The bride asked to be surprised with the flower girl dress, so I’d hate for her to pop by and see it — not that she has any time to do that this week!

Up next :: more work for Elizabeth’s dress (well, seperate and only a nice to have — a crinoline) and pants for Alexandre.


3 thoughts on “When life hands you… (kcwc days 1+2)

  1. Nice save, Mama! It doesn’t have to be cut on the bias to have the fraying look. Instead, run a line of stitches 1 to 2 cm from the hem all the way around. That will keep the fraying in check. Clip the extra long threads before it gets washed. After washing it will probably look more like you would want it too. Good luck!

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