Ten (ish) things I love right now…

:: that a thanksgiving feast for 50+ in the bush is organized in a few days of emailing replies to each other!

:: Elizabeth walking into the kitchen and exclaiming ‘oh mama! Are you making the PERFECT zucchini quinoa chocolate muffins??’ why yes, i am.

:: keeper recipes and how we each give our input after a new recipe is tried. It’s my favorite part of cooking new recipes! Old recipes also get discussed from time to time on the ‘keeper recipe scale’.

ten things
:: celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary.

:: pumpkin cheesecake. (for above mentioned celebration)

:: when I asked Alexandre recently if he was going to play the fiddle one day he said ‘yes, of course!! It plays the most beautiful music in the world! That must be why they have one at the bakery in case the need to stop baking and make beautiful music!!’ (I’m pretty site it’s just on display but his story is better)

ten things
:: that mother nature has given us an extra full month in flip-flops!! Though I’m very happy to finally have cooler running weather.

:: piping hot tea. It’s a treasured rarity these days.

:: slowly finding our fall rhythm. Though we’ll be searching for a new one shortly when Adam goes back to work on Tuesday after 9 months at home… I plan on blogging more in this new rhythm, fingers crossed.

ten things
:: french braids in the morning.

ten things
:: that Juliette has FINALLY decided to love food. It’s only taken 2 1/2 months since her first introduction to solids to finally love them. Beets are a favorite! (yes. she needs bibs! it’s on my todo list.)


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