freshly fallen apples…

apple butter
Last week, after a visit to the farm, we came home with loads of ‘freshly fallen apples’ destined to apple sauce. I spent the better part of a day cutting out bruises and adding apples to a pot to convert into delicious fresh apple sauce…. and then thought that it was a whole lot of apple sauce to add to my freezer (must learn the art of canning soon!). So I took a whole lot of apple sauce and decided to attempt my first batch of apple butter. Guess what I did with most of the rest of apple sauce the next day? WAY more apple butter!

Apples. Only apples. No other ingredients. That’s the way I like my apple butter personally. At first taste I thought it might be a bit tart and may need a hint of sugar — which frankly is ok considering we eat jam and that’s just loaded with sugar… but then we tried it on toast. And the whole family loved it. as is. nothing added. only apples.

here are photos detailing the steps. easy as pie. wait… WAY easier than pie!

apple butter

apple butter

apple butter

apple butter

apple butter
in case your interested, here’s how I made mine. Got my pot of apple sauce to a simmer on the stove top and then put it in the oven at 300oF for 4 hours stirring every hour or so. The second day, when I made way more, it took me about 7 1/2 hours. I should have devided the batches into 2 pots — which I eventually had to do anyways so I could go to bed! If you google ‘apple butter recipes’ you’ll find loads of recipes + information out there. every recipe I saw added sugar + spices — but our favorite store bought apple butter is just apples so I really wanted just apples.

apple butter
And so I managed to make 8 small jars of this heavenly spread. we only have 5 1/2 left. Must get more apples and make more butter.

apple butter
after school snack…


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