Handmade Backpacks


A few people asked in the comments last week if Elizabeth + Alexandre’s backpacks were handmade. Yes, they were. And they look FABULOUS. from far! I made them last year before they started ‘school’. I used Rae’s pattern for the Toddler Backpack and added 2 inches at the bottom. They’re a great size. I used quilting cottons I had purchased for this (and matching scraps I had in my stash) — and backed it with canvas… but that was a whole lot trickier than sewing a canvas backpack, which is what I plan on doing next time. Then again, I have lots of cute quilting cotton and only very boring canvas, so I’m not sure. Oh, I also used a nice colourful zipper – the same kind I had used for our cosmetic bag…. but it’s the wrong kind of zipper. it’s the kind that seperates. Do you know how silly (read: annoying!!) that is on a backpack? Oh yes, the fun things I learn as I go! (well, learn is a strong word. perhaps it should read more like ‘oh the things i don’t always think through before I sew…’)

Elizabeth’s strap broke last week. It had been barely hanging on for most of the year, and a few days before school started again it finally broke. So she’s getting a new backpack. Alexandre on the other hand insists that his is PERFECT and does NOT want a new one…. at the rate I’m sewing these days, that’s probably a good thing!




being goofs for the camera. These photos are from last year, and some things just never change! and I’m sooo glad.


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