Ten-ish things I love right now…

:: that one day a while back Alexandre said “Maman, I like to call Juliette ‘little lou’.” just like that, out of the blue. and ever since, he’s been calling her ‘little lou’… I tried to figure out where it came from, but so far all I’ve gotten is that that’s his name for her… and we love it.

ten-ish things i love right now
:: “Maman, the trees are getting ready for fall! they’re turning red!!” — Alexandre, age 4 3/4.

:: jumping off the dock. over and over and over. and over. She’s a little fish, this one. Within 30 minutes of arriving at the cottage, she had jumped in. Alexandre, within this same time frame had most of the cars lined up for play. They were soooo happy.

:: that my camera battery died out of the blue when it REALLY shouldn’t have. I left my charger at home since we were only leaving for 5 days and my battery stays charged for 2-3 weeks and figured it was just extra ‘stuff’. Well, it would have been useful, BUT I love the fact that I packed it away and shot film. Had my DSLR worked I may not even have taken the holga + diana out (often seems to work out that way) Now I’m not-so-patiently waiting for my film from the lab. and my darkroom. but that’s a story for another day… oh, and that explains why the item above doesn’t have a photo. I shot her jumping in, but now I wait.

:: Running and being able to jump right in the lake when done. I wish I had a lake to jump into at home, it would up my motivation to run, that’s for sure!

ten-ish things i love right now
:: Alexandre’s microphone. What? you thought that was a giraffe?

ten-ish things i love right now
:: that my new shoes match my camera. and that many pointed it out at my sister’s wedding!

ten-ish things i love right now
:: corn field and stormy sky. come to think of it, corn fields and blue skies too. perhaps just the character of corn fields.

:: 105 days dryer-free.

ten-ish things i love right now
:: facebook. I’ve witnessed such amazing support this week amongst the photographic cummunity for a fellow photographer going through ovarian cancer treatments, starting with surgery this past week. it’s forever changed the way I view social media. It can very much be a good thing. Around the world candles were lit as she went into surgery and shared on her wall. A young mom of 2 boys.

ten-ish things i love right now
:: this photograph, very much me. fibre, nutrition and photography. I couldn’t have planned a better shot to capture things I love.


4 thoughts on “Ten-ish things I love right now…

  1. Adore the photo of your swift at the end of the dock. I found this blog through the lovely Nina and just love looking at it/reading it. Marvelous how much you get done in a day!

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