one week, unplugged.

Today we head out for our second annual ‘cottage’ week. Cottage is in quotes because it’s really a week-away-in-a-beautiful-house.

It’s going to be a week of…

one week, unplugged.
knitting & tea. tea & knitting. Though way less than last year, since this year we have a very (very!) active 7 month old to keep watch over!

one week, unplugged.
tire-swiging. The kids refer to this place as ‘tire swing cottage’! And yes, most likely crazy-hair-for-Elizabeth-tire-swinging-and-doing-just-about-everything-else since I cannot keep an elastic in her hair to save my life!

one week, unplugged.
car playing with the cottage cars. and his own. Alexandre will add a few of his own and know the difference and come home with exactly what he brought. Incredible, since to me they’re all “cars”. But he knows.

one week, unplugged.
campfires and mashmellows before bed.

one week, unplugged.
fishing at the end of the dock. And this year, jumping at the end of said dock for Elizabeth. She CANNOT wait.

one week, unplugged.
afternoon snacking.

one week, unplugged.
kitchen helping.

one week, unplugged.
story reading. With their super cool aunt that makes this week possible! Nina & Joe will join for a week-end and the kids will be soooo happy.

one week, unplugged.
letter/book writting. One of her very favorite things to do.

one week, unplugged.
remeniscing that last year, this same week, we were a family of four knowing we would become a family of five in January. by far the biggest change from last year to this year. It’s hard to remember what it was like to be a family of ‘only’ four.

… it’ll be a week of celebrating a papa’s birthday, swimming, laughing, good food, better company… and no television + internet!

* photos from last year’s week away.


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