Ten things I love right now…

:: that Grand-Maman took her ‘wedding purse’ out for my sister’s wedding last week-end and found the menu of our wedding tucked inside, from 8 years ago.

Renée & Sébastien, married
:: this photograph. pure happiness.

:: the Elizabeth is still talking about dancing with ma tante Renée & mon oncle Sébastien at the wedding on the week-end before last — even though she was barely standing she was soooo tired.

ten things i love right now

ten things i love right now
:: Adam. The wedding day was a long day for him, Juliette was with him the whole day — when she’s normally on me most of the day… at times he had to avoid me so she wouldn’t want me because I was busy working.

:: August weather. SOOOOO lovely to have cool nights again. We’ve even worn long sleeves for the first time in a long time.

ten things i love right now
:: onions + spinach. veggies from the garden. The garden has not had a good season (lack of attention on my part) but we’re still getting a few veggies here and there, and of course, as per my usual I’m planning next year’s fabulous garden! (adding two more boxes hopefully this fall to spread the veggies should help a lot)

ten things i love right now
:: this photo of four of the seven babies born in 2011 on one side of the family. *photo taken by one of my lovely cousins.

ten things i love right now
:: how much Elizabeth LOVES water… I remember being like that, though I’m pretty sure I was quite a bit older than her.

:: that when we stopped at the gatineau park for a walk in the forest on Thursay a rabbit came to say Hello! and stayed a while, while we observed – happy to have had such good timing.

ten things i love right now
:: green smoothies. summer harvest.


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