Ten (ish) things I love right now…

:: when I asked the kids what they thought Juliette’s first words may be Alexandre answered very quickly “COMBINE DRIVER!”

:: that we’ve been dryer free for 53 days!

ten things i love
:: tiny new baby-that-I-pretend-is-my-niece.

ten things i love

ten things i love
:: knitting in one of my favorite colour way ever (yarn by Kathryn) for said-tiny-new-baby. (and I mean TINY!)

ten things i love

ten things i love
:: our new-to-us high chair. that is old. and exactly like mine growing up. When I called about the ad the woman said “you realize it’s….. kind of an antique?” not knowing which words to use to say “it’s REALLY not new!” and I said “yes, that’s why we’d like it! thank you!” (in case you’re wondering, that’s avocado and no, she doesn’t like it. she also doesn’t like sweet potatoes and apples. I’m sure she’ll get used to it, but so far, introducing solids hasn’t gone as I expected for a little girl that seems soooo ready!)

:: Milk + Honey + Bodum = heaven in a cup.

ten things i love
:: Alfie’s seemingly full recovery after we thought – for certain – that he was dying. it was a rough week. feeling blessed.

ten things i love
:: that Elizabeth’s café always has ‘fresh mama milk’ on the menu for Juliette.

ten things i love
:: that Juliette is nearly always happy. except when she’s in the van or teething. even when she refuses to sleep, she’s happy.

ten things i love
:: cousins, born 9 hours apart. it’s funny to see two babies the exact same age from time to time considering the first time around, there were 2 babies all the time!

ten things i love
:: silly silly kiddos having fun with toys from Uncle Joe!

:: that we’re celebrating my grandmother’s 80th birthday this week-end!


2 thoughts on “Ten (ish) things I love right now…

  1. I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. These are my favourite posts of yours! Love seeing all the photos and hearing the cute things like E’s menu with ‘fresh mama milk’ for J. 🙂

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