I can visualize the quiet…

a loud week-end
This week-end is a LOUD week-end at home. Excavation. Soil + rocks being moved to be replaced with new rocks and soil. A project that has been long overdue and was necessary. A project that will finally give us part of our yard back…. so it’s been loud. Loud outside, and inside. Where excavation toys + the such now have incredibly more accurate noise in their play. Like squeeking. Did you know they squeek a whole lot? Now you do. Alexandre can replicate it to a T. And there’s lots of indoor play right now — cars, trucks & excavators are Alexandre’s speciality when he’s tired. And he’s tired. He got up before SIX to watch the excavator be delivered. It compares to christmas at our house today. They thought the pile of gravel was cool earlier this week — but this is oh-so-much cooler.

A few photos in the yard…

a loud week-end
who knew that stone dust + morning light could look so beautiful? I would have taken different photos if only it didn’t taste so bad!

a loud week-end

a loud week-end

there’s been a whole lot of watching…

a loud week-end

a loud week-end
and then friends came over to play in the dirt and see this digging machine. the kids had a BLAST getting incredibly dirty 🙂

a loud week-end
and a sleeping Juliette, on my chest… because frankly, there was no hope for a bed with noises like that surrounding the yard, and that’s ok.

and me? I can visualize the new staircase to our basement – a new entrance especially for mud + snow! I can visualize the safe wall that will take shape, replacing one that was off limits because of heavy tumbly rocks. I can visualize the extended part of our yard that we’re gaining back after proper drainage + soil is added — in which we can move the trampoline to regain part of our yard… and most importantly, I can visualize the new patio space that is coming. Where meals will be shared with family and friends…. and the quiet cups of tea will be sipped and where some knitting will take place…

it’s so nice that this project is finally coming together!


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