A new dress… knit far far away.

little sister dress

I find it incredible how knitted piece – or handmade-over-time pieces or crafts – can have such strong memories of time. Such as ‘what was happening in ours lives when…’. Like this dress for example. Knit almost entirely on my trip to New Zealand. Almost because I started it at home (2 rows) because I knew it was more likely to get knitted this way. And of course, I hemmed it at home. 2 nights before it was needed. Because it would hardly be mama-made (from this mama) if that wasn’t the case.

This dress, knit for her naming ceremony, will always bring back memories of New Zealand. Sitting on my sister’s sofa, knitting away. Or standing in the kitchen with a sleeping babe in the wrap*, knitting away. Or the little getaway we took and of course I knit there too… That’s where the tiny hiccup happened in the back, while I was knitting away one evening, quite tired, in very low light and didn’t realize until morning that my yarn had an issue — but then was happy that the ‘issue’ was in the back of the dress. All those little things, I will forever remember that it took shape in New Zealand.

little sister dress
* in the wrap. me looking tired after day 3 of not great naps… real life still happens even when you travel to the other side of the world!

little sister dress
my sister’s sofa…

little sister dress
my sister’s floor…

Appropriately, this pattern is called ‘Little Sister’s Dress’. The turquoise yarn was dyed especially for this project by a friend (as mentioned here in march, when Juliette was soooo small!), to match the green/turquoise at the top. It turned out beautifully — only slightly too short. I was actually afraid I was going to end up with a dress that was too long while I was knitting — I even tried it on Juliette while knitting… and it ended up a little short. oh well. It’s got LOTS of wear in it, it’s quite roomy – and long enough that it will fit as a top for quite some time!

little sister dress
with Isabelle, trying it on.

little sister dress
I decided to change the bottom hem a little, and not bring back the contrasting colour in it either. I really love how it turned out.

little sister dress

little sister dress

Oh, and I never managed to get around to getting buttons for it – so I made little bows out of the same yarn…

little sister dress
love love love her face!

And now, onto the booties I’m knitting for Annabelle, a new member of the extended family. Alexandre said “Mama, just this ONCE… could you knit ME some slippers???” so perhaps there will be slippers knit too… though I’m thinking he’s forgetting that it’s summer — and in full force!! I think he’ll excuse the delays of his slippers for a bit…


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