A beautiful naming ceremony.

a naming ceremony

This week-end we had Juliette’s naming ceremony. A beautiful day filled with people we love. A celebration including music, readings and candles. A short ceremony filled with lots of wishes and inspiration for the newest member of our family. Godparents were carefully assigned.

a naming ceremony

a naming ceremony

a naming ceremony

The ceremony was nearly identical to the naming ceremony we had for Elizabeth & Alexandre four years prior. A major change being that this time, there were siblings part of the ceremony. Siblings to pass out candles and programs instead of aunts. Siblings to sing along to ‘this little light of mine’. Siblings to say “my Juliette.” Siblings.

a naming ceremony
We also had live music by a new uncle… it was such a beautiful beautiful touch! (merci Sébastien!)

In the last four years our family has also changed — there were new faces as well as a few missing ones. Like my sister and her family in New Zealand – even though I did tell her she’d also be a godmother if she flew in for the celebration! Understandably, she had to miss it. And like my cousin (who’s really more like a close friend/sister) who had to miss it because she just had a baby. And like the rest of our family members that we decided not to invite this time around, to keep it simpler. The first naming ceremony had 78 people in my tiny house — in my defense, I thought we could do this outside but it had turned out to be a COLD day in May. This time around, I decided to plan it for inside and thought it would be easier with less people. But they were still missed, being that they are family and important to all of us.

It was a day of feeling incredibly blessed. Celebrating the arrival of Juliette with our immediate family that includes close friends in one spot was wonderful.

I can’t believe how few photos I captured — I forgot to get a family photo, I forgot to get a photo with her godparents and grandparents… but we have some photographs and a video of the ceremony and really, not picking up the camera means I was too busy visiting, and that’s not a bad thing!

a naming ceremony

a beautiful bouquet from my mom’s garden

a naming ceremony

oh, and following the ceremony — the feast. A waffle brunch for 26. lovely.

a naming ceremony

a naming ceremony
the kids thought it was incredible that they could drink juice out of wine glasses! it’s the little things…

a naming ceremony
and the cake. there’s always cake.

Oh, and her dress was knitted in New Zeland. More on it tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “A beautiful naming ceremony.

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  2. Oh, I love this idea. It could beautifully take the place (in a celebratory way) of a baptism for those who are not religious. And your home is just gorgeous, as is her name and her wonderful family. What a cutie she is. And the mamma made dress…I am in awe.

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