School’s out for the summer…

On the summer solstice, seems appropriate! They were out for the winter break on the winter solstice!

I snapped a few photos this morning on their last morning of school until September. The difference between September 7th 2010 and June 21st 2011 is incredible. It’s been a huge year — of many changes. School has been fantastic for them, on so many levels. Unfortunately it has also spoiled us… It’s hard to believe that they’ll be taken out of this ‘nature based play’ at some point. We’re thankful they have another year of being outside so much, in this waldorf inspired setting. It’s making us seriously wish that their elementary schooling was going to continue in this way…



September 7th 2010. Their very first day of school, the very first day in care other than with me or family. They were almost four.



June 21st 2011. Their very last day of school for the 2010-2011 year. They now have many friends and even a baby sister. Lots has changed… and they’re {gasp!} quickly approaching five years old.




Next year school will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Elizabeth has just realized that that means missing the garbage + recycling trucks. She wasn’t too happy… funny kids.

Tonight we celebrate the longest day of light with friends at the beach… hope you have a lovely summer solstice!


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