ahhhh the Farmers Market!

garlic scapes. asparagus. spinach. beet tops. tomatoes. cuccumbers. ahhhhhhhhh.

I swear this post is about my love for the market. I swear. Though it just might look like a post about my love of food. and beautiful cookbooks. perhaps the line is blurry. perhaps it should be…

This past week I prepared three recipes from Super Natural Cooking. All three were hits with the kids, amazing since it’s difficult to feed them most nights. (one was in yesterday’s post – the citrus brown rice (though it called for wheat berries that I didn’t have on hand…)




I’ve been trying to be proactive in finding seasonal recipes before heading to the market. Like knowing I wanted to make a soup that called for TWENTY FOUR garlic scapes was a good thing to know before we hit the market. Because coming home with a tiny bunch and really wanting to try this recipe would have been disapointing — especially since garlic scape season is oh-so-short! The soup was absolutely declicious. perhaps one of the best soups I’ve had.






And asparagus. It was bittersweet when I heard ‘these are the last bunches of the season…’ must.plant.asperagus.at.home. (not that the season would last longer, but still, I really should.)

Made a dish called Staw and Hay Fettucini tangle. Replacing the pine nuts for walnuts because they were in the kitchen. While it was delicious (and even more so the next day) the asparagus purée was soooo delicious, one to be repeated on it’s own. I’m thinking it would be lovely to serve fish on the purée itself. Might have to hit a different market to make a large batch for the freezer. It’s very much like an asparagus pesto. I think on pizza (as she suggests for a different use) would be lovely with wild mushrooms maybe. and goat cheese. Just about everything tastes better with goat cheese.

and because my photos don’t do it justice — here are photos from the cookbook. I’ve been using it more and more and wanting her new book even more, especially after I saw Lindsey’s post last week.

And finally… to show that it’s really more about the market than the food… this stunning yarn, by a friend who sells handpainted/dyed yarns locally (though she should go to a larger market, hint hint Kathryn!). The top skein is for a new baby coming shortly for my cousin (i better get knitting!) and the bottom is for a dress for Juliette. I had thought about asking kathryn for a grey skein but then thought maybe I would just get a colour instead… and then when I got to the market and spotted the ONE gorgeous grey skein… I knew it was for Juliette.

Now, if only I could find a trick to getting out the door easier for 8:45 with three kids on a saturday morning….


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