Hats… and more hats!

reversible bucket hats
Before our trip to New Zealand I made Juliette a sunhat. I made the baby size, thinking it should fit. It was a little on the small size, but I didn’t take the time to make her a new one. It worked for our trip — thankfully she wore mostly warmer hats in any case! Now, it’s way too small and it makes you wonder how it ever actually fit! It fits the kids waldorf dolls beautifully! (I might hand it down to a cousin having a baby shortly!)

reversible bucket hats
Here’s how it fit in April, fresh off the machine.

reversible bucket hats
Here’s how it fits NOW. Needless to say, a new hat was necessary.

reversible bucket hats

reversible bucket hats
And so I made my third hat using this same fabric. It’s a fantastic heavy weight cotton — that was given to me in a pile of remnants two summers ago… so best of all, it was free! The hats have all gotten their own unique interior fabrics, which is great – because at this point it’s an easy way of knowing which hat is which. Elizabeth’s hat was the first hat I made — two years ago and she’s still wearing it. It’s got a nice loved/used/washed look to it.

reversible bucket hats
and here is Juliette in her newest hat — one that will surely last the summer!

The pattern is by Betz White. It’s her reversible bucket hat. It’s sooo easy and the pieces fit together wonderfully!


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