Sky + Sand + Water …

as far as your eye can see of all three of these elements = bliss. I’ve visited beaches that look like paradise before on my travels, but never one I could walk for hours on. It really felt like endless beaches here.

We spent three days in Whangamata while in New Zealand… it was stunning. From where we were staying it was a short walk to the beach — and so we walked it a few times. The first time, to be light, I stuck my holga (plastic toy camera) in Juliette’s wrap and we set off. It was loaded with black & white film as it typically is. I had already shot the one roll of colour film I brought with me earlier in the week for portraits at a different beach. But this beach was soooooo beautiful. The sand is white (vs the black one near my sister’s) and the water is of a stunning aqua colour (vs the blueish grey near my sister’s). While I was kicking myself for not bringing my digital with me – it’s heavy — and not something to ‘sling over your shoulder while going for a walk in New Zealand’ because the weather can change, dramatically, in minutes.

When we got back to where we were staying, I searched by bag for more film to switch out the Holga that I had finished. (an added wonderful feature of the Holga is that I can only shoot 12 frames… though I could have shot a lot more, it’s nice to be forced to NOT!) Anyways… I found an extra colour film. I thought I had only brought one with me from home – so it was a little bit like finding gold. Now, I’m waiting for the results (not so patiently. hurry lab, please!)

I have barely looked at the photos I’ve taken, partially because I’m trying to limit my computer time and partially because I’m waiting on 10 rolls of film from our trip. Whenever I shoot film + digital — I much prefer going through my film before looking at the digital files… and so I wait a little longer to go through the endless portraits of my nephew and his parents… and the millions (or so it feels like!) photographs I took while I was gone. Soon enough, they will all have been reviewed, selected, edited, shared & printed. Soon enough.

Summer is here, and the garden & the children need attention!

For now, a few photographs of sky… sand… and ocean.



(I loved these trees!)




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