A new cushion

New cushion

New cushion

I managed to create a cushion yesterday. I set out to CUT my scraps thinking that would be all I would manage to accomplish. Then, I managed to sew my 4 squares, at this point thinking I was pushing my luck. Then I manage to sew them together. At this point I was sooooo close to being done, I just had to finish it. I’m so glad I did.

New cushion

New cushion

Here are a few photos — and the next post will be of New Zealand. promise Isabelle. (that’s my sister who’s patiently-or-maybe-not-quite waiting to see photographs of her adorable son and their family!)

The fabrics are Anna Maria Horner, remnants of our much loved beach blanket. Oh, and just for fun, a photo of Juliette on her first trip to “our” beach this week (she’s been to the ocean, she just hadn’t been to the lake yet! haha)

beach blanket

Oh, and my thoughts yesterday on unplugged Sunday — we’ve decided to try it… my husband said he was willing to try — though I’m not convinced he can give up the blackberry for a full day a week… we’ll see! 🙂

Now… onto that second matching cushion…


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