Just a few more days…

until I get to hug my two bigger kids. After a month of one on one with a small baby I`m sure they`ll look like they`ve grown loads!

This morning (morning here) Juliette and I were treated to a pre-bedtime (there) skype concert. There were loads of `miss yous` (a la 54 40) and a few ‘i want Juliette back NOW’ (a la Alexandre). Thankful for technology.

It`s been a quiet month on the blog — I had high hopes of sharing daily photos — but since i`m not home and my setup isn`t the same — it`s been more time consuming to access my photographs, therefore I haven`t shared much. I`m guessing June might be a month of sharing NZ!

I have shot quite a few frames… including a few rolls of film i`m quite excited about. My toy camera has been clicked more often here than it proabably has in the last year, which makes me happy. Finding an extra roll of medium format COLOUR film that I didn`t think I had while visiting a gorgeous beach last week made me quite excited. Makes me want to order lots of colour film — though our landscape at home doesn`t seem to scream colour as much as a stunning beach… I rarely use colour film but I think I might try to push myself to use it quite a bit more in my toy cameras. I really wish film was still readily available in shops — I would have picked up more while here — but instead I am burning the black & white that I brought — which is going to be great in any case!

It`s been weeks of great food. Dinner amongst adults only. Something I barely recall as a mom of three. It`s been weeks of slower pace — not because our schedule at home is very busy — we`re mostly home… but three kids make the home feel busy. Here – it`s two babies that each have their own mamas to care for their needs.

And most importantly, I think it`s given me the proper rest to tackle changes at home when I get back. I know that it`s most likely that I have these ideas because I`m NOT in our home right now and it`s very likely that it`s one of those `ideas are nice, but will I act on them?` sort of thing — but I`m still going to try to hold on to the fact that it`s motivating, right now. I`m reading `Simplicity Parenting` which is stressing the importance of LESS is MORE — and while the ideas and concepts have always been important to me, i`ve clearly not been putting them into practice.

And just to share something other than the pixely screenshot above… a photo of Juliette & I taken yesterday, just before the sunset.
juliette + I - sundown


One thought on “Just a few more days…

  1. I’ve enjoyed when you’ve checked in here about your trip. Hoping the rest of your time is just as good as what you’ve already described. I can’t wait to see the pictures you’ll share when you return home.

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