One week far far away…

Today marks ONE week since my sister, Juliette & I arrived in New Zealand. It`s been a week of laughter & cuddles. It`s been an odd week. Something I hadn`t thought of happened. For the first time since becoming a mom, I get to experience being a mom to ONE. As a mom of three, it`s odd. From the day I became a mom, it was a mom of two. I think I might think back on this trip for years to come as the `only month I was ever a mom to one` (well, as in hands on mom to one… my other two are always on my mind!)

It`s been a busy week of not much, which is lovely. It`s been a week of skyping with my husband and children most mornings. Telling the same stories often. Recounting what we`ve done and seen. Most importantly, which birds we`ve seen. They love new zealand birds, as known through stories they`ve now been reading for years.

it`s been a LOVELY week. Juliette adjusted incredibly well… In 2 weeks and a bit we`ll be making our way back home… I think the most surreal part of being here is that I honestly never thought I`d have the opportunity to visit my sister in her home. I`m counting my blessings, especially my husband who made all of this possible…

with that, a few photos… taken minutes away from my sister`s home at the beach. Perhaps I can see why she feels the need to stay here…

Juliette + Maman




3 thoughts on “One week far far away…

  1. Annie, It looks wonderful! Juliette has changed so much. Hope you have lots more pictures of your trip to share.

  2. Thanks for sharing a bit of your adventure here! Are you pinching yourself when you look at see those views in front of you and not a picture? So beautiful.

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