All my bags are…

nowhere near packed… there are lists and lists and lists of what goes in what suitcases/bag. There are piles of things ready to go in said suitcases/bags. There are suitcases/bags piled beside the things ready to go into the suitcases/bags.

I have 2 days to pack everything and stop freaking out that I am leaving 3 members of my family for nearly four weeks. I CAN DO IT! (right?)

I’m guessing that my next post here will be done from New Zealand. We leave here wednesday — arriving there friday (skipping thursday almost all together!).

My birthday present
Today, for my birthday, my children humoured me with a quick ‘shoot’ this morning… my camera has been dormant a whole lot — I’m so glad I have this photo from today. My mom also snapped a family photo of the 5 of us this afternoon!

A beautiful photograph of my three, pancake breakfast, birthday lunch with cake at my parents, afternoon with my family at my niece’s baptism and a trip to New Zealand… a wonderful birthday indeed!


4 thoughts on “All my bags are…

  1. Oh Annie, calme-toi!!!! Facile à dire…. mais oui tu es capable (le serais-je?) Ce sera 4 magnifiques semaines avec ta soeur, du bonheur en canne pour longtemps. Tu as toute ta vie pour aimer tes proches, profite donc de chaque instant et de toute la beauté de la Nouvelle-Zélande (tiens j’ai une pointe d’envie tout d’un coup!!) Bon long voyage. 4.x

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