3 new favorite recipes

new favorites

My mother in law gifted me Heidi Swanson’s first cookbook — super natural cooking — for christmas and I love it. The book is beautiful, her blog is wonderful… and since her second book — super natural every day (which also looks fabulous) just came out, I have been trying some of her recipes this week (I don’t have the second book – but the internet is a wonderful thing when it comes to promoting books — you find all these extras online!) I’m guessing her second book will be added to my shelf in the future…

new favorites

We had friends over for dinner last week and it’s become somewhat of a tradition that I try new recipes on these friends. Yes, technically a faux pas, but with close friends I’m ok with it! This time it was desert. I tried the Spiced Caramel Corn for the first time. I LOVED IT. So much that I’ve been wanting to make it every day since. I have managed to not make it again, which is a good thing — because I could eat the whole batch to myself…

new favorites
Then I tried this baked oatmeal. I made a happy mistake… It calls for a half cup of walnuts OR almonds and I thought ‘oh, i’ll do half walnut and half almonds’ but in my tired brain it translated to half a cup of EACH — so I double the nuts… which might have something to do with why i loved it SO much! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s delicious with half a cup — but the full cup was a wonderful accident! It’s for sure a keeper, though next time I think I’ll slice apples in the bottom instead of bananas. For the berries I used blueberries in the first add and raspberries in the second. Oh, and with the syrup drizzle, I think that the oatmeal itself needs less sugar, even no sugar.

new favorites

new favorites

new favorites
and finally, last night we had these quinoa patties. They’re FABULOUS. The only changes I made was to cook my garlic & shallots (used instead of onions because i have some on hand to use) because I cannot eat raw onions/garlic and they wouldn’t have been cooked enough for me in the cooking process. I also used a bit of parsley instead of chives because my chives are no where to be seen at the moment!) I thought for sure the patties would fall appart in the frying pan, but they cooked wonderfully.

These would make a great replacement for fallafels as well — which was a happy discovery — because I have to stay away from beans at the moment for the sake of my breastfed babe who doesn’t do well with the gassy foods I eat. Alexandre LOVED these as well, which is always a bonus. It was a lovely summer dinner (we had them hot but the recipe calls to cool them first and I tried it cold and it was wonderful too) so this will go on the summer dinner list for sure — last night we were just pretending it was summer. We woke up this morning to an ugly wintery day…


2 thoughts on “3 new favorite recipes

  1. Everything there looks fantastic. I’ve been wanting to get that cookbook, and more so every time I read someone else’s review of it. Thanks for sharing more about it here.

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