Winter portaits, on the first day of spring.

Just so you can see that I wasn’t kidding about yesterday being a real wintery sort of first day of spring, I thought I’d share some photographs we managed to capture, quickly, yesterday afternoon.

I’m glad to have these, a sort of ‘after’ version of my ‘before’ being my maternity photos at 39 weeks.

Before… (2 weeks before Juliette was born)
maternity - 39 weeks

After… (exactly 2 months after she was born)
winter portraits

winter portraits

Then we took some with the older two munchkins… Real life at it’s best — you can’t tell in this photo – but Elizabeth was quite ‘dirty’ from lots of facepainting at school today!!
winter portraits

And then… I sat in the snow. I should have thought of this before and gotten something to sit on, but I didn’t. I figured ‘what’s the worse that will happen? i get wet? it’s worth it for a cool photo in the snow…’ let’s just say that I didn’t expect my butt to actually freeze! at least it was very temporary! I wish the snow wasn’t blown out in the photo — it almost looks like I took a photo and made it an incredibly white background, but it really was snowing, and I really was sitting in it!!
winter portraits

and then Juliette was really done – and needed milk!
winter portraits

famous last words “make this the last one, I REALLY HAVE TO GET UP!!” haha.
winter portraits

and there you have it, the very last of the winter portaits shot this year, on the very first day of spring. Now, the flowers can come. please. It was quite surreal yesterday hearing the spring birds while capturing these snowy photos… here are a few more of the yard…
winter portraits

winter portraits


4 thoughts on “Winter portaits, on the first day of spring.

  1. These wintry images are fantastic! I now live in California but cherish my memories of childhood days in Alaska:) thanks for a little walk down memory lane. Your blog is wonderful – thanks for sharing!

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