“Planting Spring”

Those were Alexandre’s words when we planted our wheat on March 5th. And today, on the first day of spring, all I can think is how happy I am that we did indeed plant spring. Because it’s snowing here today. It looks like winter, not just a little, but fully. Our yard hasn’t even begun to melt. Well, that’s not true, the snow has gone down a whole lot — but it’s still covering the whole yard… odd for this first day of spring.

And so I present to you … spring, inside.

March 5th.
planting spring

planting spring

planting spring

March 14th.
planting spring

March 15th, getting a trim.
planting spring

planting spring

And today, on the first full day of Spring.
planting spring

We’re quite looking forward to more puddle jumping, t-shirt playing, garden prepping, taking loooooong walks, heading to the sugarbush!! and so much more! happy spring!


4 thoughts on ““Planting Spring”

  1. what a great spring inside you are having! We got snow yesterday as well. I was really feeling like spring was in the air, now I’m a little sad as I sit by the woodstove. It will come though, I’m sure of it:)

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