Travel Pants for Juliette

travel pants
Juliette was in need of a pair of fabulous travel pants… because we (Juliette & I) are heading to NEW ZEALAND for most of the month of May. My amazingly fabulous husband has convinced me that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity — and that I should take it. He’s home on parental leave so we don’t have to organize child care at all for the kids and Juliette is still small (though growing oh-so-fast!) and so travelling that far with her on my lap is feasible now, but will not be in another year! (well, not as easily!) So, my husband will stay with the older two while we travel to the other side of the world to visit my sister and my brand new newphew, Félix. (he’s a week and a half old now!) Renée (my other sister who lives here!) will also be travelling with us on our way to New Zeland but we will journey home at different times.

We leave a few days after my birthday and Adam keeps saying it’s my birthday gift. I think it’s fair to say that it covers this birthday and probably every other birthday I will ever have again!

I know people leave their kiddos at some point, for some time — and I know they will be in great hands… but it’s still weird to me so this trip, while amazingly fabulous, is also very surreal. As the travel date grows closer I’m sure it will all fall into place and I’m positive that my time in New Zealand will be fabulous. Besides, we can skype daily — the time difference works well for that being that it’s sooooo many hours different than our time zone! Evenings here are morning there, perfect.

Now, onto the pants that were made for this special occasion! (who am I kidding? i don’t need an occasion. I plan on making her a bunch more of these!)

travel pants

travel pants

travel pants

The pants are the quick change trousers in Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner. It’s such a lovely pattern!

Now, i should work on travel pants for ME — my wardrobe post baby is quite limited!


8 thoughts on “Travel Pants for Juliette

  1. Those are soooo cute! Especially with such tiny delicious feet poking out the ends of them. She is one well dressed baby!

  2. oh those pants are so sweet! What an amazing adventure you are about to embark on. I’m sure it will be tough to leave the kiddos, but what an amazing time! Enjoy.

  3. Cute pants! I live a world away from my home and family, so I understand the excitement you have about your trip. Enjoy the time with your little one, they grow up too soon.

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