New Fabrics…

New Fabrics

New Fabrics
according to Elizabeth… every one of these is HER FAVORITE!!

I’m hoping to make Juliette a quilt shortly — and just recieved the fabric I ordered on etsy… of course when I ordered the fabric (she was 2 weeks old) I was able to put her down often at that time. Now, she doesn’t like sleeping on her own during the day and so my baby-less hours are quite limited. The quilt might be a work in progress for some time… and that’s ok.

New Fabrics
I also ordered some fabric for pillows for our room — maybe. I’m still not convinced, though I love the fabric, so I will find another purpose for it if not for our room.

New Fabrics
and finally — for pants I think for miss Juliette for the warmer-yet-still-cool months coming…


One thought on “New Fabrics…

  1. Oh wow, a huge bundle of fabric in my favourite colours! Those are lovely, can’t wait to see what you make with them!

    Keep up the greast work, I really enjoy reading your blog.

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