forced quiet time.

Friday we were without power for 11 hours. From approx. 1 pm until sometime after 11pm. And it was lovely.

a quiet friday

The only thing I missed was my cup(s) of tea… because we needed to conserve the little water we had. Adam made a wonderful dinner – prepared by candlelight and cooked on the BBQ — burgers & fries — a favorite here for the grownups at least. Dinner was eaten by candle light and the best part was the hour following dinner. Pjs were put on in the near dark. Stories were read by candle light. I read a while by candle light too.

It was so nice, that the next evening, we had an hour of candlelight time by request from the kids. Lovely because they seem to have this urge to become hyper just before bed… and candlelight takes care of that. It’s lovely quiet. It could perhaps become part of a new rhythm in our home…

It was also lovely, because other than the light in their room for storytime, nothing was missed by the kids. Elizabeth stated that ‘it could be like this everyday as long as we can use the light in our room for storytime at bedtime.’ Fair enough.

Of course it can’t be like this all the time… we’re much too attached to our fridge and running water for example… but it was lovely that in those hours, all that was missed was the water for my tea. And really, for one day and night… it’s not so much to be without.

Forced quiet time. LOVELY.


2 thoughts on “forced quiet time.

  1. sounds lovely. reminds me of the story time we used to have with our kiddos every night. we would read tell stories by candle light and then walk up to their bedrooms using the candle as our guide singing songs…not sure why we stopped??? Summer probably came with longer days and then we never got back I guess.

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