Happy Valentine’s Day!



We spent part of the last three days working on our Valentine’s. The kids are off to school today and could bring Valentine’s if they wanted — which to four year olds translates to “you can craft something and share it” so of course they loved the idea, especially Elizabeth. Alexandre sort of wanted to keep ALL of them for himself, but hopefully he’ll manage to distribute them today!




I used this Crayon Heart idea from Martha Stewart — they turned out lovely. We strung them on kool-aid dyed yarn with one bead each — and attached them to a card… now, they can all be hung to be admired in the sunlight. Sunlight we have very little of today… (it’s a very snowy day here!)

:: finished crayon hearts, i’ll have to share a better photo once we see the sun again!

Happy valentine’s Day to you and yours… now back to cupcake baking I go!


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. such beautiful valentine ideas! we too had a fun time creating (even though summer is not in school yet and most of them never got mailed!) using stickers and glue and a TON of glitter!! i love your idea though 🙂

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