Becoming an aunt.

9 hours after Juliette was born, my husband & I also became an aunt & an uncle for the very first time. We’re expecting our second niece (or nephew – though they’re convinced it’s a girl!) shortly as well. Though this second one is somewhat bitersweet — I’m incredibly happy for my sister though wish (with everything i have) that they were closer. Like in the same continent. Instead, this niece (or nephew) will grow up as far from here as possible on this planet — in New Zealand. Thank goodness for Skype! And if I could get my act together care packages too — but like many things, it’s something I think of almost always and rarely put together… must work on that!

For now, a few photos of my niece from last week…

My Niece
:: I’m dying to get a shot like this of Juliette — but haven’t managed it. She yawns SUPER quickly I’ve noticed!

My Niece
:: new and tiny vs big and rugged.

My Niece
:: it’s hard to remember that my little brother is… not so little anymore.

My Niece
:: and Alexandre, a photographer in the making.


One thought on “Becoming an aunt.

  1. I just became an aunt for the first time too (although it was my brother in law and sister in law, not my own brother, but it counts)! It is an amazing feeling. Your niece is so cute! (And so is your brother!) 🙂 Newborns are amazing as they wiggle into their own skin.

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