and so my yarn stash grew. a lot.

I think maybe this quantity of yarn can be blamed on new mama hormones. We didn’t didn’t find out what the sex of the baby was while I was expecting. Once she came, I was happy to be able to sort through my knitting queue (I had lined up many girl AND boy patterns — to be ‘ready’) and so naturally, I needed yarn. And naturally, some for my other two children so they didn’t feel left out, right? naturally.

And so this week my stash grew by … this much:

These are for a mouse project. Elizabeth recieved the book Phoebe’s Sweater for christmas and loves it. Perhaps her favorite recent book. And so I ordered yarn for the mouse, her dress & sweater. If I love the sweater, I’ll order the same yarn for Elizabeth & Juliette’s sweaters as well — but didn’t want to order all that yarn without first having tried it.
yarn stash

yarn stash
This is what I ordered to make each of the girls a Mouse, a dress & a sweater, wanting to give Elizabeth the choice of mouse colour, dress & sweater. I knew exactly how it would play out…

yarn stash
Elizabeth’s choices…

yarn stash
and what I knew would be Juliette’s yarn. Not only is she getting a green sweater, but it’s name is cilantro. one of my favorite things!

yarn stash
This I ordered to make the Small Things Romper and a sweater — for Juliette. It’s 70% Merino Wool/ 30% Angora — hoping I don’t regret it for a baby knit — but I think it’ll work out beautifully.

yarn stash
This is for vests & pants. I’ve already cast on for a Milo vest in pink (I think with grey elephants…) and the rest I will either knit another Milo or maybe a Neighbourly… not sure.

yarn stash
This is 80%cotton/20%wool — I have loads of this yarn in my stash — but couldn’t resist these colours (the red is more of a ruby red than then red pictured here – my camera doesn’t like red)

yarn stash
and these are cascade eco + — I couldn’t resist the sale price of them — so I got orange for a vest for Alexandre (who’s requested a hood!) and the pink & purple to create something for Elizabeth & Juliette — not sure exactly what yet… Pants for Miss Juliette I think and a vest for Elizabeth…

and now I shall log off the computer and go KNIT…. while hoping this is the last short-ish (please oh please) stretch of recovery. I would love to get OUTSIDE before winter is all gone!


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