Ten (more) things I love right now.

:: that Alexandre asked while holding Juliette for the first time ever “What’s her number?” which means “what’s the first letter of her name?” because at home, we’re known by our letters often. He beamed at the letter J.

:: That while waiting for Adam to pick us up at the hospital door one of the volunteer greeters started conversing with me about my tiny baby and asked her name. When I said Juliette she answered “that’s lovely. One of my dearest friends is named Juliette.” and it made me smile, because we chose it as a classic name.

ten things i love right now
:: That Elizabeth exclaimed “because SHE’S REAL!!” while helping change her diaper & put on clothes.

:: The large pile of girly yarn I just ordered. Better pick up knitting speed!

:: miracles.

ten things i love right now
:: how Alexandre has changed soooo much since Juliette was born in a happy happy way. Even when he stirs and sees her at 4 am, he’s all smiles.

:: that Miss Juliette is granting us lots of sleep at the moment.

:: that Adam has finally realized that ONE baby is quite a bit less work than TWO babies!

ten things i love right now
:: handknits. Juliette is so adorable in her knits. So much more fun than pjs all day long, and they’re keeping her warm during the coldest days of winter as well.

ten things i love right now
:: that Adam and the kids have been enjoying winter. This was my view while breastfeeding the other day. The kids hardly want to leave him out of their sight — this many days at home in a row with Papa is a treat for them — imagine nine months worth? We are one blessed family.


8 thoughts on “Ten (more) things I love right now.

  1. once again simply beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing this special time. I work as a labor nurse and get to experience that profound moment of birth over and over (never get’s less beautiful). To see these days after is such a treat!

  2. Coucou Annie, je viens de lire ton message… (!!!) Ce n’était qu’un début pour moi, la petite s’est réveillée plusieurs fois cette nuit (choc post-traumatique de s’avoir fait réveiller par sa grande soeur en pleurs). J’ai fait une grosse sieste ce matin et je suis en première vitesse depuis!!! J’ai lu ta chronique ce matin avec les yeux humides. Ce sont tellement de beaux moments que tu vis (malgré les désagréments on s’entend). J’ai deux bonnes amies qui donneront naissance dans le prochain mois et ma soeur est en tout début de grossesse, je vais le vivre encore et encore par procuration!!! On ne se lasse pas. Repose-toi bien et savoure. 4.

  3. Bonheur! Bonheur! Je vous souhaite du bonheur à profusion avec cette magnifique petite fille qui sent bon jusqu’ici le bébé naissant, le début de la vie! Félicitations mille fois Annie…

  4. Love that pic of the little one with the handknit booties and pants. So beautiful and squishy! Reminds me that I must make some handknit pants for our soon-to-be-born little one, right after I finish the sweater!

  5. Annie, I can’t tell you how happy I am to read your “right now” posts. Happy because I’m happy for you that this new stage in your family’s life seems to be going so well and seems full of such joy. Thank you for sharing it.

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