An interview about me…

If you’d like to read a little more about me and why I blog, head on over to the Canadian Weblog Awards website. I won third in the Crafting category for my blog in 2010.

Thank you to the Canadian Weblog Awards for the honour – I am having fun discovering great blogs through the list of nominees & winners!

Here is the list of winners (that were juried) for 2010 in a multitude of categories!

AbaloneOh, and since I’m posting… I should share my current knitting project. I’ve decided to knit myself the Abalone (it’s been in my queue since Feb. 2010, it’s time!) with yarn that my lovely sister in law gifted me for christmas. It’s Madeline Tosh Merino in the Terrarium colourway… oh-so-very-much-me. (though the colour at the moment is quite difficult to photograph accuately)


11 thoughts on “An interview about me…

  1. I love the interview! I know its all been covered here before, but its nice to read about the ‘why’s” all together!! Thanks for the mention too!!

    And I’m sure you are getting this loads in real life, but I was wondering if there was news, as there hadn’t been a blog in a few days 😉

  2. Congratulations Annie! I love your blog. I always look forward to the posts and of course your photos are fantastic! Also I do find your voice is really authentic. I can hear you speaking. Hope you still have time even when the new being enters your busy life.

  3. Chère Annie,

    Cet honneur te revient pleinement! Sache que tu es aussi une source d’inspiration pour moi! Tant par ta douceur de vivre, tes multiples talents que par ton authenticité. Je ne commente pas beaucoup, par manque de temps et non par manque d’intérêt! C’est toujours un plaisir pour moi de venir te visiter. Une bouffée d’air frais…

    Ta mention me fait vraiment chaud au coeur! Sincèrement,

    Manon xxx

  4. It was fun to read your interview–especially about your moments in the kitchen, using what’s on hand. Thank you, too, for the shout-out about my blog.

    And now I’ll keep watching your on Ravelry & here, waiting for that babe who is too cozy to emerge!

  5. Bonjour Annie!
    Félicitation pour cet honneur et cette belle entrevue bien méritée.
    La lire m’a fait vraiment réfléchir à mes orientations en tant que blogueuse….. principalement, le fait qu’il est primordial d’abord d’écrire pour soi.
    Merci et je te souhaite une très belle naissance prochainement,

  6. Found you via Soule Mama. What a beautiful color to be gifted. I looked it up online and the colorway that you mentioned looks much more green on the site than it does here. I like the look here more. Reminds me of greys/blues.

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