Tiny Silky Knits

During the holidays I kept thinking “all I need is a newborn hat, and I’ll be happy with my knitting…” and sure enough, i’ve since knit three! Now, I’m contemplating WHAT to knit… knowing that I’m going to want to knit gender specific items once the baby makes his or her appearance… I was also hoping I’d go into labour and not have more knitting time, though at 39 weeks I’m now thinking maybe I have a few more weeks. Oh the lovely waiting game. We never really entered it the first time around. We knew of course that it could happen anyday – but when they had to induce at 37 weeks because of pre-eclampsia it ment we never entered the 38+ weeks waiting game.

Here are a few recent knits.

silky knits
These booties, inspired by a recent post by Meg on Sew Liberated are incredibly adorable. I can see a few more pairs in the baby’s future. Such a quick wonderful easy knit. The best mindless kind. The yarn is from a friend who dyes yarn beautifully. It’s a 80% silk/ 20% merino and it has a beautiful shine and incredible softeness.

and these next 2 hats were knit from Manos del Uragual Silk Blend – I love this yarn. It’s 30% silk / 70% wool.

silky knits
This first hat is from the book Baby Beanies: Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads by Amanda Keeys. I knit it on a MUCH smaller gauge with much smaller needles (dk weight with 3.25mm needles, I cast on for the largest sized hat (after a bunch of math stuff) and i’m pretty sure it came out slightly smaller than the 0-6month size.

silky knits
And finally, because I thought the other one was slightly small (or… just because i needed an excuse?) I knit this adorable hat. Our first babes were in hats all the time at home because they were oh-so-small and we needed to conserve as much energy as possible. This baby might be in hats all the time because his or her mama has a knitting obsession/problem.

and there’s more. of course there’s more. There’s just buttons to be sewn before they’re ready ready. I better get to it!


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